• architecture
  • urban design
  • public space

A Vertical Village in Antwerp

Scheldezicht: Residential and mix-use tower, Antwerp, BE

From Roundabout to Urban Agora

Renovation of Schuman Square and surroundings, European Quarter, Brussels, BE

Sports and Cultural Centre

.K: Design and execution of a new sports and cultural centre, Vilvoorde Koningslo, BE

This climate neutral neighbourhood is also a forest

Masterplan and energy concept for a climate neutral neighbourhood, Leuven, BE

Where the city’s main square and park meet

Design and execution of public space, Herentals, BE

Green Campus in the City

Masterplan Technology Campus, Ghent, BE

Space for Creative Learning

De Leerboom: Design and execution of a new primary school and kindergarten, Halle, BE

Co-living Along the Creek Park

De Nieuwe Stad: Masterplan and design of a housing project, Ostend, BE

A Cultural Factory Surrounded by Nature

Design and execution of a new leisure centre in Zellik, BE

The Village Arcade

Refurbishment of the public space in the town centre, Brakel, BE

The Village Gardens

Masterplan and architecture for the new town centre, Wezembeek-Oppem, BE

Open Space Perspective

Vision and image quality guidelines for the open space, Nijlen, BE

Between Centre and Canal

Komet: Masterplan and design of a housing project, Mechelen, BE

A Green River Through a Dense Neighbourhood

Parc de la Sennette: Design and execution of a new neighbourhood park and promenade, Brussels, BE

Landscape in the Town Center

Masterplan and landscape design for the redevelopment of a central building block in Zwijndrecht, BE

Multi-Purpose Town Hall

Design and execution of an administrative centre, cultural centre and library, Lievegem, BE

The Village Revisited

Refurbishment of the public space of the town centre, Wijnegem, BE

University campus between a train station and the landscape

Masterplan Campus De Nayer, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, BE

Landmark in the Landscape

Design and execution of a new central police station in Nazareth, BE

Green, Populate, Connect

Masterplan and design of the public space of the town centre of Schepdaal, BE

The Town Tour

Masterplan for the town centre of Boortmeerbeek, BE

Townhall as a New Landmark

Design and execution of the municipal administration building, Willebroek, BE

River Valley in the City

Research by design and masterplan for the northern edge of the city, Herentals, BE

Leisure infrastructure as a lever for an improved town structure

Master vision for new leisure infrastructure, Londerzeel, BE

Municipal Garden

Design and execution of a new leisure park in Zellik, BE

A Compact School in the Landscape

De Knipoog: Design and execution of a new kindergarten, Tollembeek, BE

Social Economy in a Neighbourhood Park

Masterplan to turn a brownfield site into a business and neighbourhood park, Ghent, BE

Mediating between market, campus, community and canal

Urban renewal project around Abattoir and the Erasmus University College, Brussels, BE

Complement to the Town Centre

Masterplan for a central redevelopment site and social housing neighbourhood, Baarle-Hertog, BE

School in the Hill

De Oester: Design and execution of a new primary school and kindergarten, Gooik, BE

Urban Landmark Along the Highway

Masterplan for a multifunctional football stadium in Kortrijk, BE

Nursing the Neighbourhood

Melgeshof: Masterplan and execution of elderly housing with a community centre, Antwerp, BE

Resilient Water

Masterplan for the Green Belt and a Climate Park around the city, Nieuwpoort, BE

New Facades Towards the Extended Park

Masterplan for a building block, Herentals, BE

Old School – New School

De Oogappel: Design and execution of a new primary school, Ninove, BE

Re-strengthening the District Centre

Masterplan for the redevelopment of the district centre, Hoboken, Antwerp, BE

Inside Out

Masterplan for a mixed-use development inside an existing building block, Turnhout, BE

School in the Woods

De Doening: Design and execution of a new primary school and kindergarten, Vilvoorde, BE

A cross-border landmark along the highway

Masterplan for the transformation of the former border crossing in Rekkem, Menen, BE

The Challenges and Opportunities of a Rural Municipality

A masterplan with guidelines for future developments, Kortenberg, BE