Lucas obtained his master’s degree in Engineering Architecture at UGent in 2021, majoring in architecture and urban development. His thesis examined how one can desify qualitatively in Flemish villages.

During his studies, he collaborated on the development of the ‘Toolbox Dorpse Architectuur’ in cooperation with AR-TUR, the centre for architecture and urbanism in the Kempen. The toolbox shows, with a range of examples and project stories, village figures, and tactics, how collective living in villages can be improved.

After graduating, he went to work for Architecture Workroom Brussels, a cultural innovation house for the transformation of the social and physical living environment. Here, he researched how the energy transition could be steered in the right direction and how we could turn all our neighbourhoods into Positive Energy Districts. He also worked on the project ‘Rotterdam’s Urban Management for the Future’, where he explored how the departments of Urban Design and Urban Management could work together more efficiently in order to achieve gains in the management and design of public space.

Since February 2022, Lucas has been working at BRUT. Here he has been involved in the development of the former industrial site Lips in Boortmeerbeek into appropriate and village-like multifamily housing.