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Masterplan and design of the public space of the town centre of Schepdaal, BE

Using the slogan ‘green, populate and connect’, our vision for the village centre was elaborated together with the inhabitants and in preparation of the refurbishment of the public space.

We were looking for extra green space, to allow the village centre to take up its role as a missing link between the town and the surrounding landscape. The location of Schepdaal in the landscape of the ‘Pajottenland’, which was an important source of inspiration to the famous painter Pieter Bruegel, is one of its most important qualities. Greening the public space creates a typical village atmosphere which the inhabitants want to preserve and reinforce. It also creates space for recreation and activates the centre with regards to climate adaptation and biodiversity. The square around the church is an example of a place where the link between the town and the landscape can be staged, literally, by adding a broad staircase with a panoramic view.

Public space is the meeting space par excellence that brings the village population together, with a concentration of amenities. We were looking for extra meeting spaces, with the refurbished market as the centrepiece. A balance between more intimate spaces inviting people to take a rest and stimulating small encounters and larger flexible spaces that can accommodate a multitude of activities and events is provided.

The last main function of public space is connection in terms of mobility. In this field a new balance between different modes of transportation is sought after. Today car infrastructure is determining the public space, but in the future, priority in the centre should be given to pedestrians, cyclists and people simply residing. With qualitative and, most importantly, safe bicycle infrastructure the use of the bicycle is stimulated. We worked closely together with the children and personnel of the local school on this topic. Simultaneously, cars and other forms of motorised traffic should have their space in the centre. On this topic we worked together with local businesses to provide tailored solutions.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan for the village centre of Schepdaal


LAND (landscape architect), MINT (mobility expert)


Schepdaal, Dilbeek, BE


Village centre


Municipality of Dilbeek


Completed, 2021