Lore started her studies of engineer-architect in 2014 at the KU Leuven. This was when she first learned about architecture in all its dimensions. During her masters and a summer internship at plusoffice, she developed a keen interest in urban design.

Her master thesis was part of a theoretical and critical studio about ‘spatial efficiency’. Her project proposals aimed to transform the backside of the village centre of Tervuren, in the outskirts of the Brussels Region, by research and design. For this sustainable densification, she focused on the integration of regional green structures into the micro-metropolitan fabric in order to create a resilient place for community and open space. Intensification of both ‘the built’ and ‘the unbuilt’ formed the base of a vision that integrated different scales and viewpoints. She developed a dual system that uses small-scale collective initiatives for landscape management and surgical interventions in the existing housing tissue.

In July 2019 she obtained her master’s degree, and Lore started her architecture internship at BRUT in October 2019.