Kristýna has been working at BRUT since February 2021. She has worked on several urban planning projects, such as the Senette park in Brussels‘ Anderlecht and the masterplan for the centre of Tessenderlo. She has also worked on architectural projects such as mixed a use brownfield development in Boortmeerbeek. Next to architecture and urban design, these projects bring together some other aspects of her interest, such as ecology, sociodynamics and participatory practices. She enjoys learning about Belgian architectural history and cultural particularities.

Kristyna obtained her bachelor‘s degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering at the Technical University in Prague and her master’s degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at the Technical University in Delft, graduating in 2015.

After moving to Belgium and completing a short internship in BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Kristýna worked for several years at the Flanders Architecture Institute as an organiser and curator of architectural exhibitions, collaborating also on several publications such as the Flanders Architectural Review. In 2020 she went back into architectural practice, first as an independent architect before becoming a part of the BRUT team.