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Refurbishment of the public space in the town centre, Brakel, BE

The public space in the town centre was poorly maintained and mostly designed to facilitate car traffic. With the renovation the public space should claim its position again as the central meeting place of the town. A place where you can safely stroll, shop, have a coffee, enjoy an event and meet people. The traffic function is brought into balance again with the civic function of the public space.

In the design of the public space we try to create a familiar, almost homey and cosy, atmosphere. This is reflected in the use of warm materials and different patterns in the paving and the choice of street furniture that refers to home furniture.

We try to keep the ground level of the shopping street as clear as possible to maximize the space in the narrow street. We do this by hanging as many elements as possible, such as lighting and street signs, on cables that are stretched over the street. We create a pond with fountains around the church to emphasise this building as the centre point of the market square.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Design and execution of the public space of the town centre of Brakel


ARA (technical support)


Brakel, BE


Town centre, 1,3 km length of central street


Municipality of Brakel


Persyn bvba


Completed, 2018


Steven Neyrinck


Vande Moortel Clay Paver award (bronze), category Commercial & Public Projects; 1st place in international Open Call by Flemish Government Architect