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Masterplan and landscape design for the redevelopment of a central building block in Zwijndrecht, BE

There are few municipalities in Flanders that can boast having such a large scale open space so close to the town centre. It’s an opportunity to realize an exemplary project in terms of urban nature, climate adaptation, densification with inclusive housing and sustainable mobility. The ensure that these ambitions get translated into concrete projects clear choices and an integral approach is necessary.

The central question was to make this inner building block accessible and activate it with nature and recreation, while simultaneously integrating a substantial housing scheme. Our proposal resolutely makes the choice to concentrate the housing program in a compact development close to and in connection with the town centre and surrounding residential streets. This leaves the rest of the space to create a large and continuous landscape park.

A network of pedestrian and bicycle routes, maximally separated from any motorized traffic, connects the different entrances and the park to the town. The surface parking lots are relocated closer to the car entrances, spatially optimized and partially replaced underground. The existing buildings are integrated in the park as freestanding objects surrounded by nature, by eliminating the infrastructure around them.

The idea is to bring a real feeling of landscape in the town centre. This is done by model the park after the traditional landscape of the larger surroundings and by using the existing stream the main structuring element. Using water-rich biotopes helps to enhance biodiversity, but will also allow the park to play a role in the sustainable water management of the town, with ample space for buffering and infiltration.

The existing amenities (administrative centre, library, sports hall, sports fields, skatepark, BMX-circuit, event field and playground) are integrated in the landscape and complemented with new programs (play forest, orchard, water playground, Finnish running track and playful hills). They are organized using a gradient of more dynamic activities towards the town centre and a more quiet atmosphere towards the outer landscape. An intensive participation process, with the inhabitants and specific target groups such as the local skaters, gave us the necessary input for the above ideas.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan and landscape design


Atelier Arne Deruyter (landscape architect)


Binnenplein, Zwijndrecht


Approx. 8,3 ha project area


Municipality of Zwijndrecht


Masterplan completed, 2021 / Landscape design, design development


1st place in international Open Call by Flemish Government Architect