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Gunther Slagmeulder

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Thomas started studying engineer-architect at the KUL in 2007. During the master, he got involved in the design of urban projects and public space. His thesis focused on innovative re-use of modernist high rise by Ethiopian traders in the former so-called ‘white’ center of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Subsequently, he enrolled in the international master of urbanism & strategic planning (mausp), which offered the opportunity to go to the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam, to develop a landscape strategy to deal with development pressure and climate change. Afterwards, he worked on a project for the Brussels region, focusing on the industrial zones near Vilvoorde. His thesis studio looked at an integrated approach to (mobility) infrastructure. His individual project developed a spatial strategy to deal with the chaotic building boom and population growth on former state farm lands in the northern valley of Tirana, Albania.

Between both masters, in the fall of 2012, Thomas already gained some practical experience at an architectural office in Leuven (a33 architecten). Since September 2014, he is working at BRUT. Thomas mainly works on urban projects and the design of public space.