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Gunther Slagmeulder

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Gunther started his studies of architect- engineer at the Catholic University Leuven (BE) in 1996. After graduating he started working at Luc Deleu’s TOPoffice where he worked on a linear utopian city called VIPcity.

After this he wanted to become more familiar with the practical and technical details of architecture. At BOB361 he was involved in projects with different functions and demands. As a project architect he managed the design and execution of social apartments in Leuven (BE) and the new library in Dendermonde (BE).

Together with Kathleen Vandewerf and Sofie Troch he won the Europan 7 in Lausanne (CH). They were appointed as experts to prolong the development plan for the Ouest- Lausannois.

Besides his work as an architect Gunther is often asked to be a member of the jury for architecture students of the Catholic University Leuven (BE).

At BRUT Gunther is responsible for the architectural projects as well as projects that concern public space.