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Gunther Slagmeulder

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Engineer-Architect, Urban Planner, Partner

Francis is one of the founding partners of BRUT and is responsible for the coordination of the urban planning projects. He has built up extensive experience in designing and coordinating diverse urban development projects with a wide variation in scale.

In 2018 he completed the Executive MSc in Cities course at the London School of Economics and Political Science, which gave him an international and integrated outlook on contemporary urban development. Since then he has been hired as a Consultant by the World Bank to offer advice on transit-oriented development around the new metro line in Quito, Ecuador.

After finishing his master’s degree in Engineering Architecture at the Catholic University of Leuven in 2001, his attention steadily shifted from the architectural to the urban planning scale. The following years he worked in different design offices in Belgium and Italy on projects in which both scales overlap, and he obtained his certification by the Order of Architects in Belgium. In 2006 he graduated from a Master in Urban Planning. To complement his experience as a designer he started as a project leader in the Planning Department of the City of Antwerp. His main responsibilities were the coordination of a redevelopment project in the largest high-rise social housing neighbourhood of Belgium and a European knowledge exchange program about the urban regeneration of social high-rise estates. His experience as a project leader was put to use in his position as a tutor at the Urban Planning Department of the University of Antwerp.

Francis now lives in Copenhagen, where he has been actively setting up collaborations with renowned Danish architects. This has led to some ambitious projects with C.F.Møller and COBE. He regularly travels to Belgium to follow up on the Belgian projects.