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Image quality plan for the architecture of a new waterfront development



Along the waterfront of the river Scheldt in Oudenaarde a new residential neighborhood is planned by a private developer and their architects. The city administration demanded an image quality plan to guarantee the architectural quality of the new development and to increase their chances in receiving a subsidy from the Flemish government. As an independent party, BRUT was asked to make this plan. In the meantime, the image quality plan is completed and in 2009 the subsidy was granted.

With the image quality plan we do not make the design of the buildings. Instead we define a clear vision and offer guidelines to demonstrate the possibilities of the project site. We try to inspire more than to steer. The image quality allows to be interpreted in different ways. It is also a catchy document that captures the future waterfront in attractive images. It can be used to motivate future stakeholders and explain the ambitions and plans.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making image quality guidelines for the architecture of a new development along the waterfront


5,5 ha project area


Oudenaarde, BE


Arcas group


Completed, 2009