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urban design

Refurbishment of the public space of the town center



Based on the masterplan for the municipal center we started with the actual refurbishment of the public space. This will be done in several phases, starting with a new main entrance to the municipal park combined with a new parking lot. For this part an executive plan will be made and the works start in 2013. For the rest of the public space in the center a schematic design will be drawn up.

The main entrance of the park is marked with long lines of large trees that lead all the way up to the castle. Today visitors can still park their car between the trees. This destroys the view but is also not healthy for the trees. The new layout provides a compact parking away from the entrance lane. It is integrated in the park landscape and uses mineral and permeable materials. A vast hedge all around the parking blocks the view on the parked cars.

The centre of the town is stretched out along the busy main road. Along this route you can find some remarkable places, each with an own identity, context and function: the cultural centre, the market square or the main park entrance. With the new design these places will offer havens of rest within the long and narrow road section.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Design and execution of the refurbishment of the public space of the town center


Land (landscape architect), Mint (expert mobility)


Wijnegem, BE


3 ha project area


Municipality of Wijnegem




Phase 1 completed, 2013
Phase 2 completed, 2017