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Masterplan for the redevelopment of the village center



Three important developments will have a big impact on the structure of the centre of Wijnegem: the refurbishment of the market square, the redevelopment of the municipal park and the redevelopment of an old school complex into a new mixed-use development. This masterplan aims to embed these separate developments in an integral vision for the future of the center. On the other hand it also defines clear spatial guidelines and concepts for the concrete projects.

The municipality of Wijnegem is both historically and spatially defined by 3 structuring elements: the river valley, the main street that cut through the center and the canal. The masterplan re-integrates these structures in the centre.

Instead of just a busy traffic route the main road will be transformed into a staggered public space with several widenings to make space for other usage, like reposing, social contact and playing. The atypical market square will also be designed as one of those widenings. The big park to the south of the main road will be made more accessible from the public space of the center. Several new routes will restore the historic connection between the park and the village center. With the redevelopment of the old school site this network of paths can even be expanded. The school site is divided into a private part that can be developed and a public park that will serve as a meeting point for youngsters in the middle of a cluster of different schools.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan and image quality guidelines for the architecture and public space of the town center


Land (landscape architect), O2 Consult (expert communication), Mint (expert mobility)


Wijnegem, BE


Municipal center


Municipality of Wijnegem


Completed, 2011