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Masterplan to relocate the municipal administration



The different municipal administrative services of Willebroek are spread over different locations in the city. This masterplan aims not only to optimize the use of all the city-owned buildings but also to improve the efficiency of the public service. We explore the possibility of a large cluster of services, centrally located in the city. This eventually led us to the idea of “the city lounge”. 

The old town hall in the city center is outdated as an office and service space. Connected to this old town hall there is a big theatre hall and an empty school. We propose to centralize all the city administration services in a new building on the school site. The old town hall can serve for meetings and wedding ceremonies, whereas the event hall will be the new cultural heart of the city. New patio’s will bring daylight into the different spaces and transform the ground floor of the dark event hall into a cultural market.

“The city lounge” is a sequence of covered public spaces that connects the public services and all the different buildings and activities on the site. It is publicly accessible and becomes a important new meeting point in the city center.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan for the relocation of the municipal administration


Util (structural and installation engineer), Bureau Bouwtechniek (expert sustainability)


Willebroek, BE


Municipal area


Municipality of Willebroek


Completed, 2009