BRUT | Løgstørgade 2, 2100 Kopenhagen
Nederlands English

A new primary school and nursery



The careful positioning of the iconic staircase, the oversized hallways to stimulate informal encounters, the clever orientation and organisation of the classrooms… A series of clear choices defines the architecture of the building and simultaneously creates a flexible and adaptable structure. Our design aims to create a future-proof school, capable of accommodating future needs and evolutions in education.

This project provides the campus with a new front towards the street. By placing the new volume perpendicular to the street, the campus opens itself up to the neighbourhood and the impact on the street is reduced. A new and spacious connection for pedestrians and cyclists creates a welcoming entrance to the elementary school and the campus. This safe entrance will be further enhanced by the refurbishment of the public space of the street.

The new kindergarten and elementary school were designed to be compact and maximize the outdoor space. The position of the building on the site creates an intimate green outdoor space, where the children can play outside. The compact volume encompasses a simple and performant school building with flexible and multifunctional classrooms, organised on three floors. Along the north façade, each floor contains four classes, clustered around a wide hallway, which stimulates social interaction. The classes vary a bit on each floor, to challenge the pupils and teachers to come up with different configurations in an ever-changing learning environment.

The canopy on the south side of the building embraces the refectory, the double-high gym and the administration on the first floor. A terrace on the second floor doubles as an outdoor class room. An eye-catching staircase brings all elements together, connects the different outdoor spaces and creates a unique identity. The design results in a creative learning environment with lots of possibilities for extracurricular activities.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Design and execution of a new building for the primary school and kindergarten


Studie 10 (structural and installation engineer)


Halle, BE


1.915 m² floor area






Completed, 2019