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Design and execution of an administrative center, cultural center and library

Multi-purpose town hall

Lovendegem, BE

The municipality’s desire is to combine an administrative center, a cultural center and a library in a well-functioning building in the center of the town, a new central destination where all inhabitants feel at home. With our proposition for a multi-purpose town hall we offer a flexible structure, embedded in a public garden and well-connected with the surrounding town. We aim to create a central meeting point. The public space connects a forecourt with the town and a terrace connects the building with the garden. This ‘village garden’ is a public park for all inhabitants and offers a range of uses, from dynamic events to quiet relaxation.

The town hall is a clear and simple addition to the town center, but, simultaneously it is multilayered and articulated in its design. The building presents itself as a careful string of volumes to match the scale of the town’s buildings. Varying building heights and facades help to give every volume its own recognizable identity without losing the coherence of the whole. Every program element is housed in its own volume with a matching location and form. Internally, the separate volumes collaborate to form one well-functioning building, the face of a well-functioning and forward-looking municipality.

A vestibule connects the forecourt with the terrace and the garden through the building. This vestibule welcomes visitors and shows what the municipality has to offer its inhabitants and visitors. It is a generous space that can be used in a flexible way, depending on the time of the day and the ongoing activities in the town hall. The vestibule connects the administrative center, cultural center and library and encourages synergies between them.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Design and execution of an administrative center, cultural center and library


ABT (structural and technical engineer), LAND (landscape architect)


Lovendegem, BE


3.200 m² floor area


Municipality of Lovendegem


Ongoing, schematic design