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urban design

Masterplan and image quality plan for the development of a new neighborhood

A new garden neighborhood

Edegem, BE

This empty site, with a size of 62.2500m², is surrounded by a housing neighborhood of the seventies to the north. To the south the site is outlined by a busy and wide regional road. We respond to this situation by using private houses with gardens to the north and a more dense typology of park apartments to the south.

Centrally located in the development we create a new neighborhood park of over 10.000 m². This park will guarantee the quality of living and the ecological value of the new and existing neighborhood. A lot of attention is paid to the quality of public space, a safe traffic organization and integrated parking solutions. In the park apartment typology a complete nursing home and different types of care apartments for the elderly are integrated.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan and image quality guidelines for the architecture and public space for the development of the new neighborhood


Land (landscape architect), aha!VONK (architect), SET-office (architect), M²(architect)


Edegem, BE


6,2 ha project area


Private developers Condominium and Cores


Completed, 2011