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Masterplan for the redevelopment of the parcels of the Social Welfare Department, Sinaai



In the coming years the elderly home in Sinaai will be redeveloped with 20 social appartments for senior inhabitants. On top of that an activity centre will be provided on the groundfloor. In accordance with these plans the social welfare department, who owns the parcels around the elderly home, wants to investigate the possibilities to develop her domain with a housing project. The masterplan focuses as well on these parcels as on the structure of the area on a bigger scale. Many community functions such as a school and youth- and sportsclubs are located right next to the projectsite. The plans of the social welfare department can therefore not be seen as an independent project. The masterplan aims for a more coherent structure in the bigger area in order to stimulate the site as an important and vivid public and recreational area for all generations.

The projectsite has little coherence and identity. The site is surrounded by many rough edges. There is a lot of infrastructure for cars. And the different functions are very spread out in the area. On the other hand the typical landscape of this area is still recognizable. The many trees, waters and paths are typical elements that give structure to the rather open landscape.

A network of paths makes the area easily accessible for pedestrians and bikers. The former elderly home will become the center of the welfare cluster and surrounded by public gardens. The housing project will be integrated in the landscape. Green lots will be wrapped in by lines of trees and water to offer the different groups of houses enough privacy and intimacy. A new square on the street side will make the area visible to the town center. It’s connected to the main axis of the site which gives access to all the different functions in the area. It offers a clear structure to the area as well as a new identity.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan for the redevelopment of the parcels of the Social Welfare Department in Sinaai


LAND (landscape architect), Talboom (engineer infrastructure)


Sinaai, BE


project area 13,4 ha


Social Welfare Department, Sint-Niklaas


Masterplan afgerond. Inrichting publieke ruimte in opmaak, voorontwerp