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Masterplan and image quality guidelines for the architecture and public space of the town center



The purpose of the masterplan is define a clear framework for the developments in this small rural town in the next 30 years. Eight overall concepts explain the ambition for the town as a whole. Additional to that some strategic development sites are studied more in detail. The image quality of the public space is represented in exemplary road sections and preliminary sketches of strategic plaza’s and parks. All these elements together should ensure a tailor-made development of the towns’ open space and architecture.

Our main inspiration is the pride that the people of Retie take in the small-scale and village qualities of the town. These qualities should be reinforced in the new development. The approach should be made-to-measure for this village community and thus different from an urban approach. The relationship between the village and the surrounding landscape is very important. The landscape should structure future developments just like it has always influenced the village development throughout history.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan and image quality guidelines architecture and public space of the town center


Land (Landscape architect), Mint (expert mobility), O2 consult (expert communication)


Retie, BE


Municipal center


Municipality of Retie


Completed, 2011