BRUT | Løgstørgade 2, 2100 Kopenhagen
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urban design

Masterplan for a mixed-use development inside an existing building block



Three partners, a private developer, the social welfare department and a social housing company, want to combine their different projects into one integral development. There is a need for about 150 private housing units, varying from terraced housing with a garden to apartments, 50 serviced apartments for elderly people, a service center of 600m², a medical practice of 600m², a fitness center of 600m² and 50 social housing units.

We decided to create a new neighborhood park as the center of this development. The park is the face of this development and turns the present backside of the building block into a new front. The green open space is not only important for the living quality of the new housing units but also for the densely populated surrounding neighborhood. We want to create a very open development that is easily accessible.

The edge of the park is shaped by the new volumes. As many housing units as possible benefit from the view over the green open space. Collective open spaces lie between the new volumes and the existing surrounding buildings. These spaces are used to implement the necessary collective amenities, waste management, ground level parking, collective and private gardens,… By using semi-underground parking lots under the new volumes the privacy of the ground floor apartments is assured.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan and image quality guidelines for the architecture and public space for the development of the new neighborhood around a public park


Land (landscape architect)


Kortenberg, BE


4,5 ha project area


Private developer Kastelenloop BVBA, social welfare department, social housing company De Ark


Completed, 2013