BRUT | Løgstørgade 2, 2100 Kopenhagen
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Design and execution of 90 social housing units

Housing between village and open fields

Herzele, BE

BRUT will design 90 housing units in a new social housing neighborhood, in collaboration with JAVA Architects. The main ideas of the master plan were strengthened and translated into a livable and sustainable neighborhood. A central park and landscaped streets will connect the existing landscape with the new neighborhood and the town centre. The clustered row houses are oriented towards enclosed residential streets. The apartment volumes are situated along the public park, maximally profiting from the view.

Different housing typologies are clustered into compact strips. Carefully chosen interruptions in the strips connect all houses to the public park. A strong architectural composition is combined with making the scale of the individual houses recognizable. This creates legibility, appropriation and allows the integration of the project in the landscape. Towards the park, three compact volumes sit on top of a plinth with a semi-underground parking garage, profiting maximally from their location along the park. Gardens and terraces further ensure the quality of living in this new neighborhood. Bicycle storage at the entrances stimulate cycling in this sustainable and forward-looking neighborhood.

A robust and straightforward brick architecture with large terraces and light accents, will complement the green landscape surrounding it. Sustainable concepts such as on-site soil reuse, sustainable water management, a maintenance-friendly landscape, focus on active forms of mobility and renewable energy sources will go hand in hand with a pleasant and high quality of living well-connected to the village and close to nature.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Design and execution of 56 family houses and 34 apartments (social housing)


JAVA (architect)


Herzele, BE


12 ha project area


Social Housing Company Denderstreek


Ongoing, schematic design