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Image quality plan for the redevelopment of a neighborhood

Camouflage housing

Brasschaat, BE

The project site used to be property of the Belgian army. It was a housing neighborhood for army officers, made up of big villa’s scattered in forest- like surroundings. BRUT was asked to develop an image quality plan to densify this housing neighborhood without giving up these typical characteristics.

The development of this officers quarter dates from the beginning of the 20th century when the principles of the garden cities were very popular in urban planning. The beautiful villas are scattered along an organic layout of roads. The big gardens, without fences, and the density of threes ensure the quality of living in a forest. This is a quality we want to preserve in the development.

The big villa’s are very characteristic and therefore preserved in the development plan. The huge original plots are subdivided, which results in 14 extra plots. The new dwellings should distinguish themselves from the existing villa’s and respect the forest feeling. We defined two new typologies that each in their own way try to achieve these goals. The first is the ‘bunker house’, a spread out one-floor volume. The second is the ‘camouflage house’, a tower-like volume with a very small footprint over several levels.


Project Facts

Scope of work

Making image quality guidelines for the public space and an zoning plan for the redevelopment of an old military neighborhood


Fondu (landscape architect)


Brasschaat, BE


10 ha project area


Municipality of Brasschaat


Completed, 2007