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Masterplan for a new housing neighborhood



Solving the apparent contradiction of the site’s location is the main challenge for this housing development plan. On the one hand the site lies within the contour of the urban zone around the city of Deinze, so a minimum density of 25 units per hectare is imposed. On the other hand, the immediate surroundings of the site exist of low-density allotments with detached houses with large gardens.

A new wide bicycle path along the train tracks will be extended on the site and connects it directly to the center of the city. This is a huge opportunity that we want to seize and use as a structural element in the new neighborhood. We want to create a truly bike-friendly neighborhood where bike use is stimulated in all possible ways. Non-motorized modes of transportation are prioritized in the design of the neighborhood and the housing typologies, while car infrastructure is reduced to a minimum.

The fragmented property structure of the project site divided between a large amount of different developers poses another challenge for the masterplan. To guarantee flexibility but also coherency, we developed a landscape framework with green passages, neighborhood parks, playgrounds and seating areas. The total development is made up of different neighborhoods placed within this framework, each with their own character reacting to the surrounding context. This way, we scale down the large development of about 600 housing units and provide variation.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Making a masterplan and image quality guidelines for a new housing neighborhood


Deinze, BE


21 ha project area


NV Immobel, LC Consult, West-Grond-Invest, Novus NV, NV Amsto, NV Immo Daneels, NV Matexi


Completed, 2015