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urban design

Masterplan for the redevelopment of a building block in the center of the city

Around the hospital

Tienen, BE

This strategic location in the center of the city of Tienen will undergo an important transformation initiated by three different partners with each their own goals, a regional hospital, two public schools and a community center. This masterplan aims to combine these different goals into an integrated project that will create added value for all the partners and for the city center as a whole.

Integrating a regional hospital in a city center is not an obvious choice, due to the floor area needed and the necessary accessibility. The hospital, on the other hand, can bring liveliness to the city center and the proximity of people and services can be of important value to the hospital.

Project Facts

Scope of work

Research through design and making a masterplan for the mixed-use redevelopment of a building block


Land (Landscape architect), Vectris (expert mobility), O2 consult (expert communication)


Tienen, BE


6,5 ha project site


City of Tienen (subsidized by the Flemish government)


Completed, 2011