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About Brut

BRUT is an office specializing in improving our everyday surroundings with a wide range of expertise both in the field of research, design and implementation. As a design office we specialize in projects of architecture, urban design and public space.

Most of our projects are situated in Belgium, a country with the same population density as Japan and with one of the densest road networks in the world, comparable to Singapore. Space is a scarce commodity that we try to use creatively. Through more than a decade of experience, we’ve learned how to do this.

We have worked on development projects for new mixed-use neighborhoods, combining housing with commercial activities and offices, redevelopment projects for city centers, abandoned industrial sites, parks and more.

In all of our projects we adopt a holistic approach to sustainability, harmonizing the environmental, social and economic effects of our redevelopment interventions.

The company is run by two business partners, Gunther Slagmeulder, who is responsible for the architecture projects, and Francis De Wolf, who deals with the urban design projects. As project leaders they coordinate a team of 6 architects and urban planners.

VAT: BE 0899.144.864

Architects’ Association (Orde van Architecten)