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Collective roof garden

Something is growing on the roof of the Scheldezicht residential tower… vertical city life!

Future-proofing an urban campus by the water!

The team of BRUT in collaboration with Delva, Mint and 3E has been chosen to develop a master plan for the redevelopment of the technology campus of Odisee and KU Leuven in Ghent. The strategic location in the middle of the city, along one of the main waterways and future ‘Climate-Axis’ and the ambitions of the clients offer a unique opportunity to create a forward-thinking project in terms of education, urban integration and climate change.

Cities by and for children!

We had a great time working with these 6th graders on the future of their town center. Such a different perspective and amazing how serious some of them took the questions and tasks we gave them.

Co-creating a climate-neutal neighborhood!

Great turnout last week for our first session with the neighbors of the future development in Leuven. Lots of fair concerns and many inspiring ideas to fuel the coming design sessions. See you in a few months!

Climate neutral neighborhood


The team with BRUT in collaboration with 3E, Mint and LAMA was selected to develop a masterplan and energy concept for a climate neutral neighborhood in Louvain. Sustainable buildings, ample green open space, smart mobility and a climate neutral energy system will be combined into an ambitious pilot project for the city. We are looking forward to a creative process with the City of Leuven, KU Leuven, Dijledal and the local community!

BRUT+LAND+Mint win competition

BRUT, in collaboration with LAND and Mint, is selected to redesign the center of Schepdaal, Dilbeek, with a proposal around four key ambitions. We want to make space for ‘residing’, ‘greening’ and ‘connecting’ and we want to do this in close collaboration with the city and its’ inhabitants!

Site visit of Scheldezicht with NAV

Happy to share our experiences in the Nieuw Zuid neighbourhood during a site visit of the Scheldezicht tower, organized by the Flanders Architects’ Network (NAV). Thanks for the great turnout, lively discussions and interest in our ‘vertical city life’ concept.

Photo © Klaas Verdru

BRUT is looking for new colleagues

BRUT is looking for new colleagues to work on several ambitious projects! Are you a creative architect, with less or more experience? Are you interested in working on different scales, from architectural detailing to urban design? Send your cv and portfolio to If you want to get to know us: We are looking forward to hearing from you!

School in Halle completed

Last week our school in Halle was delivered, proud of the result. Happy colours for happy children!

Photos will follow soon. In collaboration with GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, City of Halle, Everaert-Cooreman and Studie10.

Building permit for Schuman Square handed in

Here’s the latest on our project for the Schuman Square in Brussels in the Belgian media (in Dutch) with some new images. COBE and BRUT have handed in the buidling permit. One step closer to realization! 

In collaboration with ARA, UTIL and Buro MOVE.

Inclusive cohousing Schwung

We are proud to be the architect in charge of ‘Schwung’, a unique and innovative co-housing concept with a focus on families giving care to one or more members with a physical or mental impairment. Schwung is part of the ambitious Komet redevelopment, close to the center of Mechelen.

In collaboration with Revive, Gemeengoed, Mechelen and the future inhabitants!

Planning Prize for Nijlen with a plan made by BRUT+LAMA


The Flemish Organization of Spatial Planners has awarded its bi-annual prize to the Open Space Perspective (ORP) for the town of Nijlen. The ORP is seen as an innovative and useful instrument and an important contribution to sustainable and qualitative spatial development.

Co-living along the Creek Park

BRUT wins together with C.F. Møller the Open Call for the “Nieuwe Stad” in Ostend! The winning proposal for this new neighbourhood of 500 homes aims to become a model project for densification on a human scale by focusing on a sustainable urban design with innovative housing typologies and the introduction of a strong sense of community.