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A new Boonmarkt revealed to the public

The master plan was presented to local organizations and residents. The concept for the optimization of the site housing several youth organizations and sport clubs triggered a lively debate.

Four schools completed

The school in Ninove was the last of four schools we were working on within the “Scholen van Morgen” program to be completed. Up next is the landscaping of the school grounds and the construction of a multipurpose hall in Vilvoorde.

Another school under construction

The construction of a new school has started in Halle, near Brussels. The new kindergarten will welcome the children of the surroundings after completion.

Selected for two concept studies

BRUT is selected to join the competition for two concept studies funded by the Flemish Government. The first study explores the impact of the potential move of the municipal administration away from the city centre to the railway station area. The second study deals with the creation of a blue-green wedge within the lobe-city model for the city of Sint-Niklaas.


BRUT enjoyed an inspiring visit to the Architecture Biennale in Venice where Alejandro Aravena under the title ‘Reporting from the Front’ called attention to the relationship between architecture and society. We’re happy that our residential tower in Antwerp was selected to be part of this.


A week before the start of the new school year, our kindergarten in Tollembeek was officially inaugurated.