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Party in Ninove

Last week another school was officially inaugurated with a party. Yes, the lights are on!

School completed

The gym of our elementary school in Vilvoorde is completed, which allows the pupils to rediscover their refurbished school site after the holidays. A festive opening of the school will be organized in December.

Kick-off masterplan exposition

Recently, we’ve inaugurated the exposition of the results of our urban study for the city of Baarle-Hertog, a unique Belgian exclave in the Netherlands. The large turn-out demonstrates the curiosity of the Belgian and Dutch inhabitants.

Pecha Kucha presentation: reflections on Hoboken

Ten guests will talk about their vision for the central square in Hoboken, Antwerp on Saturday 30th September. Gunther will explain our ideas from the masterplan in 400 seconds.

Pop-up Pavilion Wijnegem

Our smallest project is almost ready. We are looking forward to the grand opening of the pavilion on the market square of Wijnegem.

BRUT wins competition for a new municipal center

Our proposal for a new administrative and cultural center for the municipality of Lovendegem convinced the jury. Together with ABT and LAND, we propose a flexible and sustainable design with a smart site implementation and a focus on multifunctionality. A new icon in a green community garden!

Old school meets new school

Almost ready for the holidays!

Festive opening of our school in Gooik

This weekend, our newly finished school in Gooik was inaugurated by the minister of education, the municipal mayor and a proud school principal. The event was a big succes and filled the central atrium to the brim with pupils, teachers, parents and neighbors.

BRUT wins “sport meets culture”

Our design for a combined building with both sport infrastructure and cultural spaces has been chosen the winner. The new building will become a new centrality and will stimulate social encounters for the neighbourhood.

Public space in the heart of Europe

Our team with COBE from Denmark was selected to participate in the competition for the renovation of the Schuman Square, in the centre of the European Quarter in Brussels. We can’t wait to creatively rethink this iconic space.