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Planning Prize for Nijlen with a plan made by BRUT+LAMA


The Flemish Organization of Spatial Planners has awarded its bi-annual prize to the Open Space Perspective (ORP) for the town of Nijlen. The ORP is seen as an innovative and useful instrument and an important contribution to sustainable and qualitative spatial development.

Co-living along the Creek Park

BRUT wins together with C.F. Møller the Open Call for the “Nieuwe Stad” in Ostend! The winning proposal for this new neighbourhood of 500 homes aims to become a model project for densification on a human scale by focusing on a sustainable urban design with innovative housing typologies and the introduction of a strong sense of community.

Master plan multi-purpose football stadium

Proud of our master plan for a new football stadium, a collaboration between BRUT & B-architecten!

BRUT + JAVA wins social housing competition

BRUT together with JAVA architects will design a project of 90 units in a new sustainable social housing neighborhood adjacent the town center of Herzele. All houses are oriented towards a linear park connecting the town with the surrounding open fields.

Resilient Water

The final results of the master plan for the eastern part of the Green Belt in Nieuwpoort (BE) are now displayed on site until the end of the summer. By BRUT and LAMA, commissioned by the Province of West-Flanders, in collaboration with the City of Nieuwpoort.

Ready for summer

The new pavilion on the refurbished market square in Wijnegem is ready for the summer… with an ice cream pop-up!

A square full of life, just the way we like it!

Successful opening of the renovated town center in Brakel. Pictures of the refurbishment will follow soon.

BRUT is looking for new collaborators

Are you an architect and/or urban designer, with or without professional experience, and are you interested in working with us? Contact us as soon as possible on!

Usquare Brussels

The team composed around B-architecten and BRUT is selected to propose a design for the reconversion of a former military site into an innovative university campus, with a strong emphasis on sustainable development and circular economy.

C.F. Møller and BRUT to design “De Nieuwe Stad”

This Open Call aims to redevelop a large social neighborhood in Ostend into a pilot project for sustainable and qualitative residential high-rise. The project scope includes a comprehensive design for 500 social housing units, collective amenities and public space.

Exemplary School

BRUT’s school in Vilvoorde is included as an exemplary project of heritage integration on, a platform of the Flemish Government Architect and Agion showcasing inspiring and innovative projects.

A new green town center

The team BRUT + Areal + A2D with developer Van Roey Group wins the international PPP tender to develop a new town center for Wezembeek-Oppem. The proposal includes a municipal administration building, a school, a library and over a 100 housing units all carefully linked by a new town square and a sequence of green public spaces.

More info in this article.

Space for people in the symbolic heart of Europe!

The design proposal of the Danish-Belgian team with COBE and BRUT, in collaboration with ARA, UTIL and Buro MOVE, for the Schuman Square surrounded by the most important European institutions in Brussels wins the international competition.

Party in Ninove

Last week another school was officially inaugurated with a party. Yes, the lights are on!

Kick-off masterplan exposition

Recently, we’ve inaugurated the exposition of the results of our urban study for the city of Baarle-Hertog, a unique Belgian exclave in the Netherlands. The large turn-out demonstrates the curiosity of the Belgian and Dutch inhabitants.

Pecha Kucha presentation: reflections on Hoboken

Ten guests will talk about their vision for the central square in Hoboken, Antwerp on Saturday 30th September. Gunther will explain our ideas from the masterplan in 400 seconds.

BRUT wins competition for a new municipal center

Our proposal for a new administrative and cultural center for the municipality of Lovendegem convinced the jury. Together with ABT and LAND, we propose a flexible and sustainable design with a smart site implementation and a focus on multifunctionality. A new icon in a green community garden!